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Adrenal Cancer.

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Has anyone out there had proton radiotherapy for their Adrenal Cancer if so what was their experiences and where did they have the treatments.

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Hi, @alanbruce – I've moved your post about doing research related to your daughter's stage 4 adrenal cancer to this existing discussion on the same topic so you can connect with others who have talked about this cancer. Hoping that members like @1kjewels @annadamscleary @caradivs @lesliestump @anderson2742 will offer their thoughts about proton beam therapy and where they had it, if applies.

For reference, here is further information on proton beam therapy and specifically Mayo Clinic's use of this treatment https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/proton-beam-therapy-program/sections/overview/ovc-20185491.

Is your daughter deciding whether or not to pursue this therapy option at this point, alanbruce? What symptoms has she been experiencing?

My son had proton therapy at University of Florida Proton for synovial sarcoma.

Hi Alan! I had six weeks of Proton therapy following surgery in my abdomen area. This process went very well for me, however, after it was finished a scan showed new growth in my lungs. I then started Mitotane for a time. After two scans showing continued growth, I got a second opinion. I then started a rigorous course of chemo for 6 mo. I have had good luck with this as some spots disappeared and some had shrunk considerably. Now that I’m done with that I will be starting a chemo pill called Levatinib. The hope is that this will hold what’s left at bay.

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