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Thanks @johnbishop ! Very useful indeed

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@johnbishop @gramps, Hello I am new to this and just joined the Mayo Clinic Connect. My dilemma is the following: I am getting all my requirements needed for my bariatric surgery. One of them is the compliance for my sleep apnea. I have to be 75% in compliance within a 30 day period. I had major issues with face mask not fitting properly. Had to go twice for fittings since November 2020. Because of this I was not using my machine. I have anxiety issues and tend to wake up and pull the mask off my face. Well I was using the full face mask that had a lot of leakage. In November he sent me home with the pillow that goes under your nose and but covers your mouth. That didn't work for me. Had to pull the straps as far as they went to not get air leakage. So I went back and now i have two options to try out. Both are nose pillow mask. So I must make sure I keep my mouth closed while sleeping. So because all of this back and forth I had to start fresh for my 75% compliance. Start date was Jan 26th. I have the same problem @gramps has. My modem isn't working and I'm ok with that. But I have to take my machine so they can download the info from the SD card. If I use any of the two options…OSCAR or Sleepyhead to view my info will it delete it from my SD card. I don't want to mess up my 75% compliance stats. But I also want to make sure I can view it and if I get there before the 30 days I would like to let them know. I hope I make sense. This is all so new to me. Thank you for any advice given!

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