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Depression vs Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Nov 5, 2018 | Replies (15)

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My GO has been in charge of my meds. Do I need to change to a specialized doctor? I am taking the meds, but still have issues with no motivation, depression and anxiety. Just had an onset of anxiety last night. I really felt it was due to the time change and the fact it gets dark so early.

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I don't know what medications you are taking, and I'm not a doctor, but some people do receive treatment for depression and anxiety with medication through their primary physician. I see a psychiatrist for my medication management and some therapeutic recommendations, along with a therapist (infrequently now). A psychiatrist is specially trained in the physiology and psychology associated to mental disorders and, in my opinion, offers the best overall care for such ailments, including the possibility of genetic testing to see which medication may be most appropriate for you. I have not had the genetic testing but rather went through the more common trial and error method of getting on the right medications for me, and happily that has worked.

@codya. How long have you been on your meds?

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