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Depression vs Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Nov 5, 2018 | Replies (15)

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I have had depression and anxiety for my entire life, and I'm relieved that even at a late age I was able to find help. Still, this didn't happen for me until things were getting out of control in my daily life, and I was evaluated *finally* for both conditions. Primary care physicians in my current practice work in concert with psychiatrists, but I'm lucky in this way (now). It took me a couple different medication trials and plenty of therapy to become as stable as I feel today. Nonetheless, there are times when the depressive thoughts do return, albeit less intensely, and the anxiety can hit me over even relatively simple things that others would breeze through. Today I largely use CBT to help me work through the hard moments, knowing that my distress will pass. It is indeed great that Mayo has devoted an entire group to addressing these problems and to provide a sounding board for those seeking context or other information.

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This started two months ago , i am a very adhd type of guy i am dealing with custody issues for my son I have a 2 yr old son and a baby on the way. Im 36 yrs old and THIS JUST NOW caught up with me, i feel like i cant care for my wife and kids financially if i dont fix this , is this a permanent reality i may be dealing with?

My GO has been in charge of my meds. Do I need to change to a specialized doctor? I am taking the meds, but still have issues with no motivation, depression and anxiety. Just had an onset of anxiety last night. I really felt it was due to the time change and the fact it gets dark so early.

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