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Parkinson's and Cannabis Oil

Parkinson's Disease | Last Active: Feb 24, 2019 | Replies (13)

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Hi, I was diagnosed 4 years ago. I have bad stenosis as well, so something always hurts somewhere.
If you look at the Endocanabinoid system, you will find the CB1 receptor which seems to control much of the chemicals we care about.
Essentially, you need THC to stop the tremors.
I am a Canabist for about 2 years now. There are thc,cbd,cbg,cbn thcv,thca and cbda, and 15 terpinines. most is unknown, but I know I have taken NO pain pills for 2 years, exercise, and work. I smoke a few times intill my pain goes away and then micro dose (see Dr Barbara Harris UTUBE)

If you are really interested see:

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Hello, I was diagnosed c12 mo ago. Since then the tremor (in my arm) has gotten worse but remains manageable. My objective presently is to postpone drugs as long as sensible. To that end I exercise and take CoQ10, per my neurologists advice. Separately, having seen growing references to the biome being a key suspect as the source of PD, I am working on a gluten free, low carb and sugar etc diet. And I am trying heavy doses of vitamin B1.
I have come across papers commending Cannabis for cancers and thankyou nyparkie, I was most interested to learn of the NCBI study. Good to see the interest even if the conclusion seemed a bit weak. Also 2015 and so perhaps science has moved on? There seems to be a vast range of Cannabis products and it must be important to target the right one. I wonder if others have views on this? I am interested generally but especially in promising ones that are a) legal and b) available in the UK

Interesting. Does the oil help with PD symptoms? Balance, coordination, writing, etc.? Do you have to smoke it? I tried smoking it years ago and it made me nauseous and burned my throat. Can you put it in food. Thx.