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Ongoing Chest Pain

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Hi @niksonrex and welcome to Connect! You may have noticed I moved your thread to this thread discussing ongoing chest pain.
That must be confusing that the chest pain comes and goes and doesn't occur when you exercise.
It is always a good idea to ask your doctor about chest pain.
@lioness @racerjon and @loved1 may be able to help you figure out what it could be.
Can you describe the pain? Does it occur when you do anything specific?

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No, that is the wierdest part. It doesnt happen when i do anything specific. The pain feels ,rarely stabbing, and usually feels dull. Like when someone grips a part of your body real hard. I think its right under my third rib, and right where it starts. Cant say if it is the rib or behind it.

The only thing i noticed yesterday is that, when i really make myself upright (i usually dont stand very upright cause i am sitting alot, im working on that) it eases off. It might have been a coinsidence but im not sure cause i also dont ever feel it if im lying down or when practicing HEMA where i gotta stand upright.
Also never felt it 2-3 hours after waking up. Might be that i dont notice it but that is what i felt. And again its not unbearable. I can easly just forget about it when im doing something.

And thanks for moving it here, im new here so i dont really know the layout well xD.

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