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Ongoing Chest Pain

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If you haven't had a heart cath, I would ask your doctor why. I had chest pain and back pain on and off for a long time. Every EKG, stress test and Echo I had always showed I was fine. Finally, a heart cath showed six blockages, three that were over 80%. I'am just one of these people who have problems with heart disease even on the strongest blood thinners. I even went for a second opinion a couple months ago and that doctor wanted to do another cath. He found two more (one 80% and one 90%) blockages. Don't be afraid to ask why a cath hasn't been done. That test could save your life. Unstable Angina could be another cause of your problems. Also, the fluttering you feel could be a sign of A-Fib)

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Agree with Racerjon!

Like the previous correspondent, I had chest and back pain, as well as abdominal pain (severe). Blood work was normal, EKG good, stress test and echo also normal; however, when another cardiologist came on the case and get a cath, it showed three significant blockages in three arteries. Within a few days I was transferred to the nearest hospital where a heart surgeon was on staff, he concurred with the findings of the last dr I had seen and promptly ordered surgery. Please do your homework, find another cardiologist in your area and get at least one, if not two, other opinions.

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