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Ongoing Chest Pain

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I can't remember for sure if they did the CT. I think so but I could be wrong. My memory is not very good since SCA. My older brother got checked after my episode and everything looked good but then he had another test for calcium levels (I'm not sure of the name of that test) and they were high so that's how they found out he may have had a block and they did an angiogram and he did. I'm not trying to scare anyone out there but I do think it's important to be your own advocate and even if you're a young female, things happen. I was in great health. Never smoked, hardly drank, watched what I ate, exercised and very type B personality. Heart disease is not just an older, white male problem.

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@loved1 Do you have discomfort in your back right across from your heart? At one time I did I believe in chiropractic so discussed this with him .He told me that all our nerves come from our spine and sure enough that was it after he released the nerves from the muscle I got relieve this was my experience .

I totally agree. Women can have heart attacks without any traditional risk factors. Mayo Clinic is researching SCAD heart attacks which mostly affect younger women. I would suggest to your Dr that they do a CT angiogram or a CT or MRI of your heart to look for blood vessel abnormalities. I had an artery dissection like this.

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