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Travis J Griffin (@travisjgriffin)

Chronic dizziness due to vestibular issues.

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Hi, one thing that has helped is Florinef 0.1mg x 1 daily for orthostatic hypotension which my doctor diagnosed in 2016 but did nothing about? But it did not get rid of the daily dizziness so I had to start all over. I found out that chronic right lateral and posterior cerebellar infarcts, which are small strokes cause dizziness. I also found a syndrome called PICA. After I read the symptoms one stood out, HICCUPS. I clearly remember having horrific hiccups that made me want to kill myself because they were so persistent and would not go away. Luckily, my husband was a witness to them during the time that I believe I had my last bit of mini strokes that started this new onset of crazy dizziness. I am starting Vestibular therapy next week, ordered by my Neurologist. I have a follow up appt with her next week also, which means that my husband will have to go and be my backup person so that she believes that I am not making the hiccup story up. It all makes sense because I have the hiccups a lot. I have a super horrific migraine today with awful visuals in between both eyes. Oh, but here is what I have been doing every morning in order to get out of bed…two 20mg of adderall and two Fiorcet pills with a bottle of (white) Gatorade along with the Florinef and one Zofran for nausea. I have a paradoxical effect to meds whereas Aderrall makes me sleepy and Zofran and Fiorcet make me hyper. If your dizziness is caused by mini strokes I have read that we cannot do anything about it except control our blood pressure and cholesterol. Since starting Repatha my cholesterol dropped from 354 to 204. I am a tiny person who is unable to eat a healthy diet so to gastroperisis, lemmel's syndrome, sphincter's that do not work, etc…and depend on ensure and lots of liquid vitamins to keep me healthy. And, I have never smoked. I have multiple health problems do to Heavy metal toxicity poisoning shutting down my system from elemental mercury toxicity vapors while working at a Biotech company from 2010. The MRI results are from a diagnosis for Trigeminal Neuralgia. I also have severe Peripheral Neuralgia, just to name a few reasons for having vertigo aka severe dizziness. I hope this helps. Krissy

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Dear Krissy, I wouldn’t worry about your dr.. not believing about your non-stop hiccup incidents. You know yourself, just believe in yourself as it’s you he’ll be treating and it’s your input that’s crucial and your feedback that helps him in creating a successful healing regimen for you. Compassion starts with trusting yourself, caring for yourself and it looks like you’re putting your focus in the right corner asking your husband to support you and setting up the appointment with your neurologist. I hope healing comes soon, God bless you.

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