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@rosemary Thanks for the quick response. Yes the transplant team has suggested that I need an outside nephrologist. I live fairly close to Mayo Scottsdale, AZ and had the procedure done there but they are very busy with potential/new patients and like to have us go back to our pre-transplant nephrologist. Unfortunately as I noted in my previous post my per-transplant nephrologist is much more interested in working with people on dialysis than they seem to be in post transplant. The services they are proposing for me are significantly less than what Mayo recommends. As the transplant process has gone very well for me and Mayo does 300+ kidney transplants in Scottsdale every year, I want someone who will for the most part follow Mayo's protocols.

@jolinda seems to have the right setup and I was hoping that there would be someone from my area who could provide an appropriate recommendation. I have started to call around but all the offices say their nephrologists work with Mayo transplant patients (which is not the case with my own doctor). It is very frustrating to wait a month for an appointment only to find out they are not doing what we are looking for (the target seems to me to be pretty straight forward). I guess I need to work harder at getting a recommendation from the Mayo staff but they are very reluctant as they do not want to be seen as favoring one doctor or nephrology group.

Thanks for your input!

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@zhana First off, congratulations on your new kidney! I would suggest you let Mayo know your difficulties finding a post transplant nephrologist. Perhaps they will cover you for the time it takes to find a new nephrologist that will follow their protocol. My husband was lucky in that he kept the same nephrologist pre and post transplant here in the Los Angeles area. I am sure Mayo would want your new nephrologist following their protocol so they would be willing to support you until that can happen. Good luck to you and let us know what you find out.

zhana, I think that I made my answer in haste, and it sounds misleading. I neglected to consider that I did not have need of a nephrologist prior to my kidney transplant that was due to acute kidney failure caused by my liver failure. I did have a GI for the liver, however.
You are absolutely correct in wanting to follow the protocol that Mayo has established for you. I am confident that you will find someone to meet that criteria.

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