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Lisa (@techi)

Doctors mistake watch out.

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I know l probably talked about me going to the hospital and then they transferred me to the psych ward in December. Well l just got copies of my records from both hospital. Well the first hospital l went to didn't have a list of my meds to be transferred to the psych ward when they sent me there. And then the psych war was giving me a med that l had been allergic to for over 10yrs. Now the hospital had it documented that l was allergic to the medicine. And at the psych ward they were giving me meds that they thought l was still taking. And l have to te these doctors about hepatic encephalopathy
So l called the medical board and I'm going to report the hospitals and the doctors because the symptoms of mood swing and delusion is all part of hepatic encephalopathy and encephalitis. And l am always reading how doctors are misdiagnosing people with HE, AE and encephalitis and they end up in a psych ward or on psych meds. And we are seeing more people on meds instead of being treated for there illness. It's so sorry that doctors are not having continue education on this illness because we are all searching to find the right doctors whi knows about this disease instead of a psych diagnosis. And l was so reading if all test comes back normal it doesn't mean the patient doesn't have the diagnosis sometimes it takes questioning the family and looking at the symptoms.

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Hello, @techi,
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How are you feeling now?

I personally believe the problem you describe with doctors misdiagnosing people with Autoimmune conditions is common in many medical communities. There are so many of them and sometimes I personally believe that it is easier to diagnose the most common diseases…it's faster and takes less work to research it, test for it or discuss with other doctors. One of my own specialist doctors told me that, in regard to one particularly troublesome symptom that I reported to him, he "didn't have anything for that." Wait? What? I asked him because I knew he would be able to address it. Yet he brushed it off and that was that. He certainly did not refer me to anyone else either. That was really a punch in the gut without any further discussion. Yet I am stuck with him, at least for now. Lisa, I am glad you still have the ability and courage to pursue help. We AI patients need support in many different ways and I am grateful for it wherever it becomes available to me. Thank you for sharing with us. It is a tough road but you can do this. One of my doctors told me "Stress is not your friend." That was simple enough for me to remember and a goal that I reach for daily. Perhaps it would help you too.