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Doctors mistake watch out.

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My family member has high ammonia level 81. Been very aggressive and outbursts daily.
Was told the level of ammonia is what’s causing these episodes.
This is after hospitalization in Behavorial health center. Also been told his liver not working properly, put him on lactulose. Waiting now to see GI dr. How serious is this problem with ammonia?

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@adah I used to be a companion to an elderly woman who had a liver problem that caused this type of ammonia problem that damaged her brain. She became an alcoholic later in life causing the liver problem. The result of the ammonia was she had no short term memory and was always lonely, and then she wanted to drink even more. I had to make sure she'd eaten enough for the day before she would have a drink, and I controlled how much she could have. If I wasn't doing that, she would drink until she passed out and never eat. She would visit me next door, then leave, and 10 minutes later she was back not remembering at all that we had visited, so that was a repeating pattern. That behavior caused a lot of interference in her family and I tried to distract her. She didn't need to drink at all if she had attention, but she couldn't remember any of it. She told me her long term memory stories about her life over and over, and I just pretended that I was hearing it for the first time.

Hi, adah, Have you met, contentandwell? She has experienced hepatic encephopathy as a result of liver disease which elevated her amonia levels.
@contentandwell, I want to tag you to this conversation.