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Lisa (@techi)

Doctors mistake watch out.

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Thank you so much. I also Thank God for directing my steps to search for answers that l knew were always true. He told me to trust him not all the doctors because they are human and we know nobody except him knows everything. We are all different our bodies, minds, and what has gone one way doesn't always have the same results. We are seeing that every day with all these different illness coming up every day. And the doctors can't even keep their mines afloat. And when l was praying doing my research and listening to the doctor at the mayo clinic. He was trying to convey to me that every illness we face is a autoimmune disease because its attacking our bodies, so we really don't know so we do make mistakes. And l definitely believe that because we all make mistakes. We are not perfect but when you do don't just acknowledge it. But it happens all the time. And l thank God he puts people there to let you know it's not in your mine. I am reading a book th as t l wish l read before all these meds, tests and surgeries. It tells us about our bodies and the medical language doctors are using when talking to patients it would definitely saved my insurance millions of dollars. I hope everyone who is going through and illness would read or their family members. Because medication wasn't give since the beginning of time and our ancestors lived a whole lot longer. Can that be explained? Exactly they knew how to take care of their bodies and it was destroyed with all these meds. One med doesn't work for all. And it's not only meds. The writer also talks about food, stress, obesity, anger all these and many others effect our bodies. And l know my stress was mostly my disease and trying to get the doctors to listen. Thst hey wait my body is not like what you say. Good book. I pray this book will get out to everyone our world is crying for answers on how to get better before they lose all there resources or coverages. The book is "Healing Design" by Scott K Hannen DC. He's a chiropractor and he explains things so clearly. And how we can change the course of our reckless habits that's destroying our bodies and shows us how. But he always stresses to consult your doctor first snd l would say the same. But l pray that everyone trust God first because every day when l hear a young mother losing a child from a new disease my heart trust breaks no matter who child it is. And we have to feel for others.

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@techi, thank you for your post. Great information. Also, we can also attribute our ancestors living a lot longer than we do now due to living in an environment that wasn't polluted with toxic chemicals of all kinds among other things. And our minds can affect our bodies' wellness in a powerful way. It is good to strive to reach peace, joy and love in our lives which is medicine to our bodies. Be well, my friend!