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Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Nov 2, 2018 | Replies (66)

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First, I need to know that you are OK. You are going through a huge transition right now. It takes longer as we get older. Don't give up. It's darkest just before the light!

You are a person and you deserve your space in this world. Please let me know you won't do anything to harm yourself.

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You are so right Gail …. there has been so much happen in the passed 10 years that it makes my head spin … a divorce after the 40 years, a knee replacement and then a revision, the move down here ($12,000) which I just finished paying off, I live in a low income apartment because I essentially live on S.S.,I'm looking for a job, but when they see your age (73), they immediately seem to think you're incapable of doing much of anything. I'll do anything – money is money. Now that I found out my X is seeing someone, whom all 3 of my kids have met ….. well, it makes that sting much stronger …. always the message "you're not good enough, you're nuts, you're irrational and illogical, blah, blah, blah." We were in marriage counseling for 3 much which did nothing as he wouldn't speak a word about his inner feelings and thoughts. I have been seeing a Psychologist for 15 years (in MD) and still drive up every other week for an appt., and I have a Psychiatrist who evaluates and prescribes the medications. At 73, it's just more sometimes than I can handle … I want it all to end.