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Fell again

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@oregongirl That's wonderful rely on Him and he will get you through ,if you do it sincerely you ask and it will be given to you not in our time but his . Our lives are all planned out we have a purpose sometimes I wonder what it is but its not up to me to ask that . Just relax and let go ,God will do the rest. Ive been keeping you as well as others from here in prayer and will till you see some light

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I have to let go and let God take over. I got out of uber today in front of my house and I had forgotten my cane. I had to step up the curb and I was a mere inch maybe of having my foot run over. I don't move as fast as they do anymore. Well, I leave for Idaho Tuesday morning 6 am. I hate getting out of bed before 10:00. We will head (We = Yorkie Bella and myself and at Salt Lake City we have THREE hours. This flight was taken as I did not wish to land in Boise, and wait for my kids driving 2.5 hours from Twin Falls and then 2.5 back. So there are only so many flights into Twin Falls. Once in Twin Falls, I am meeting with the Independent living people. There is such a demand for Independent housing that you barely can negotiate anymore. I did get my new carpet. NOW my job is to get to meals and back and not fall. I paint, so I will be able to keep myself busy. I am just fearful that if I fell to much, they might ask me to leave. I would sleep in a car before I would live with my children. I love them, but they three different individuals and I go crazy trying to understand any of them. At least I will have fun there There is an October Fest this next week and I am missing the Wheel power boat down the river toward the Pacific and have dinner on the ship. I am not social person, but I can already see they will pull my social string and get me going again. I am hurting SO much from my last fall.