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Fell again

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This was a while ago. I want everyone to know that I have turned my life totally over the Jesus Christ. I have known him for some time but I wanted to run the show. Now that I am falling and have little control over it, I walk much slower, never forget my cain and am doing much better. When you hurt you think the only solution that is worth anything is to leave the earth. But, as I have said before, look at the beatings Jesus took, and to have nails driven into his wrist and feet. And guess what, he had no pain pills. my pain on my left arm cannot compare to what he had to face. AND NO PAIN PILLS

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@oregongirl I wished I had a magic pill that would make the pain go away for you. Hoping you will have a pain free weekend.
God Bless.

@oregongirl That's wonderful rely on Him and he will get you through ,if you do it sincerely you ask and it will be given to you not in our time but his . Our lives are all planned out we have a purpose sometimes I wonder what it is but its not up to me to ask that . Just relax and let go ,God will do the rest. Ive been keeping you as well as others from here in prayer and will till you see some light