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Autism & the difficulty of getting & doing a job

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Good evening, @usernameca . Please forgive my random words. I had foot surgery so my thoughts are scatteted. I did not know I was Autistic until I was in my late fifties. Therefore, most of my jobs were applied for and I received training in when I was much younger. At the time I did not realize I would have benefited from support. There were no job coaches when I was starting out. It was sink or swim.

Now, however,there are resources available, books to read, classes to take, and kind hearted people to talk to before signing on the dotted line.

Even in rural areas there are people in the know, persons who are qualified to help with job training and placement. Look for the ones who consider Autism to be a different way of thinking, rather than a disease.

We can work together. We are better together.

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Actually, I was diagnosed with Asperger's. I don't consider Asperger's and Autism to be connected, but that's just my own unprofessional opinion. I don't think that Asperger's can ever get better or worse. But, it has side effects, such as an inability to communicate, severe OCD, severe depression, etc., and each one of these side effects can be brought under control fairly well once you realize which psychiatric medication works best: one medication for each side effect. The problem is that then, just getting a job is not the problem: the problem is getting a job that provides health care coverage. And from my experiences, that's not going to happen. Only the best jobs provide full health care coverage, and the best jobs are ones that people with Asperger's are not likely to have (despite what the media and Hollywood want you to believe). That's because if you grew up with an inability to communicate, severe OCD, and severe depression, even if you had the money and time to find the right meds to control each one, your academic record looks like a rollercoaster, even if you graduated from a good university (I did). Anyway, I'm semi-retired now, because I had the family business to save me from "everything" basically, and if anyone else out there with Asperger's or Autism wants to start up a business, just contact me. I think we could use our disability as an asset, because Hollywood has presented Asperger's people are being geniuses (ha!), and presented people with Autism has having magical qualities.