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Hi Colleen, Its been awhile since I have been on. This all started maybe the first of November but didn't go to dr. until the 19th. I lost control of my bladder so when I I had to go I went. I just had the urge. No burning or anything. I went to the dr. and they did the urine test and culture. Dr. told me she had another patient with the same symptons. no control. They put me on a couple of antibiotics but then they got the results and I went to five days of amoxocyllan which help but didn't totally deal with the symptons. Went back to dr. did another culture and I got put on another antibiotic which helped but just didn't think I was totally over anything. So went back in and got the results today, but don't know yet what I will be on. I haven't had any treatments for over a year for my cancer but things are changing in my left lung so don't know what the next result will be. Otherwise I'm doing ok, just getting hard to to breathe with my copd, no energy and tired all the time. Have chills all the time. grrrrrrrrrrrr Its getting harder to deal with things. Anyway, thats whats going on Colleen…….. Life is ever changing and learn to deal with things as they come up//

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@sakota– I just saw this so my other post for you is irrelevant- you are ahead of me. lol. When I was younger I needed to have my urethra stretched because of your exact symptoms. They became cyclic. Has you dr. suggested this at all? All of these antibiotics can make you very very tired. Have you spoken to your pulmonologist about your breathing problems? Perhaps you need to see her again?