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Burning pain

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Hi @vuyi and welcome to Connect. I’m so sorry about the loss of your aunt, and the subsequent physical pain you have experienced since her passing.

I’m tagging @oregongirl, @chocolate5lover and @gingerw as they understand what it’s like to search for answers and can provide support as you continue to try and resolve the pain. As for your pain, is it only in your right shoulder and neck? Or has it spread to other parts of your body?

I'd also like to bring @hopeful33250 @reibur1951 @IndianaScott into the discussion as they know what it is like to lose someone dear. Vuyi, can you tell us more about your aunt. It appears she meant a great deal to you. What was your relationship like? What has this loss meant for you?

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@vuyi My sincere condolences on your loss. It is never an easy road to lose a family member, no matter the depth or strength of the relationship.

Prior to her passing, had you ever experienced this type of pain before, anywhere in your body? My suggestions are: Write down when you experience this pain, where it is in your body, how strong it is, type (shooting, stabbing, achy, etc.), what you are doing when it occurs, time of day, your hunger level, how long since last meal, things you have done that ease it, any other details. Does it wake you up at night, or prevent solid rest? Keep a journal and see if you can find any pattern. Take this to your Dr. You didn't say where you are, is there a good internist there?

Please keep checking in with us, and let us know you are getting on. We do care.