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Will I have a heart attack or stroke?

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Thank you for replying. I don't always walk or eat right. I do take the meds I hate. This all took me by surprise and I haven't reacted well to the news. In fact it's consumed me. I'm trying to change my thinking.

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@jackieos Hi don't worry as OldKarl said I had a by pass triple 22 yrs ago I'm fine had my last chemical stress test 2 yrs ago I'm fine the thing you have to realize your diet changes to getting rid of fat and sugar limit salt and exercise is important you will be fine take your meds my by pass was 3 arteries 85,90 and 95 blockage but I'm great and you will be too. Just listen to your cardiologist. and do the rehab afterward if surgery is in order.

@jackiekos Hi, fellow traveler! Just a few things. 1. Change your diet. I eat nearly the same stuff every day, but vary it enough to actually have a healthy diet. Breakfast: 8oz of Cranberry juice. 3oz pork, turkey, chicken sausage, after cooking (microwave) out most of the fat and salt, with one egg (omelet fried in olive oil) and a low salt slice of American cheese, all on an English muffin. half dozen prunes and a cup of coffee. Lunch: Chef's salad with celery, lettuce, culiflower, green pepper, tomato, Mexican cheese, tofu, red chili pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with a fish or poultry meat portion (2 oz). Water to drink. Evening: poultry, with veggies, apple sauce. Late Evening: 1 big dill pickle, washed. 8 oz water with a jigger of Sipping Vinegar and turmeric. I fix my own breakfast, lunch and evening snack. Donella does the evening meal. My A1c stays around 5.6-6.0 most of the time.

I experienced a Major Stroke and realized I needed to change my attitude and my diet! I'm really trying to walk daily and make better decisions about my eating habits!

I can’t relate personally to your specific condition but I can relate when you say it consumes you. I will say a prayer for you and please know you are not alone going through something this scary. Positivity sent your way from me.🙂