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Dealing with Cerebral Palsy

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@weber52151 I am not sure of your exact situation, but here are some things I have learned. If you legs are involved and you use a walker, crutches or wheelchair, pick up all area rugs and if possible choose linoleum, stone or wood floors. Hard flooring is easier to move across with adaptive equipment. If you are on your knees, get some knee pads, either sport or construction, depending on what feels better for you.
If you have poor sitting balance, make sure you have safety belts on all chairs. Use pads and pillows to make your chairs as comfortable and correct for your posture as possible.
If your hands/arms are involved get plates/cups that will stick to the surface it is placed upon and look for utensils with large, easy to grip handles. Don't be afraid to use a clothing cover to catch and absorb spills. Have your drinks placed in covered glasses/cups with handles and use a straw when drinking.
Complete your physical exercises and stretching every day to maintain as much function as possible.
I hope some of this helps you. Blessings to you.

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Thank you so much