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~ Challenges of moving to be near my children ~

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ISOLATION ….. As you know I moved to VA 3 years ago from my "nest" in MD. I try, and try, but this is just NOT home. And to make matters worse, my X lives only 30 min. from me. I still see or talk to my therapist about every other week, and I am in the dumper again……..sad, depressed, a heaviness in my heart, my stomach feels like jello. I did not want to move here, but my 2 girls and their families live nearby. They hounded me for 5 years to move down here, and I finally relented……big mistake. Sometimes I think I've gotten over the hump, but no ….. it's gone and I want to go home again. Everything I loved is in MD ….. friends, church, therapist, Psychiatrist for meds., doctors, and I knew my way around like the back of my hand. I live in a low-income apartment complex with all its accompanying problems, and I owned my own condo (well, the bank and I!) Now I find I'm isolating again. I only go out to walk my dog, and go to the store and visit my daughter's. I hate the thought of living the rest of my life here. ((as I look back, I've said all this before … I'm sorry))

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@amberpep You may need to move back to your old stomping grounds. You certainly cannot say you didn't try in this new location. And you need to save your sanity; no doubt your daughters would agree and understand. I'll be thinking of you and keeping you close in thoughts.