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Systemic IBD, Systemic Anti TNF Therapy

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@guenther Thank you so much fir this information. What I neglected to add to my original post was met daughter's added complication of Whipple's Disease which is complicating IBD treatment. To my understanding the treatments conflict..in that treatment fir one exacerbates the other disease and vice versa. Hope I've clarified somewhat. It's a very serious situation and her being 6000 miles away isn't helping.

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@katie215 , Well, Whipple's Disease sounds very difficult, too. (Looked it up.) The antibiotics for treatment of Whipple's could definitely impact the IBD symptoms possibly and potentially put the gut into risk while lowering immune capability alongside any biologic. You probably do need some specialists to coordinate her treatment for multiple conditions and to get the medications right for what works for everything. My mother got ill while abroad and had to come back to the U.S. for treatment at the Mayo clinic, and it was some weeks before she was able to return "home" overseas but was worth the time and effort to get the treatment. It could be a very difficult idea to decide its time to return, at least temporarily, back to North America for help. I wish your daughter success in getting through this all in the best way possible. And better days and less worry for you, too. There are great support groups on Facebook for Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Coltis, BTW.