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honeybtorres (@honeybtorres)

Latent TB, side effects, and my Anxiety

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Hello @honeybtorres,

I am sorry to hear about your plight. I can only imagine how difficult this has been and is for you and your daughter!

I have Latent TB as well; however, on the advice of my Pulmonologist, I decided NOT to "treat" it. In my case, and I will restate — "In My Case", she said that the negative side-effects of the meds far outweigh the benefits. The negative side-effects she mentioned are those on the liver. By the way, my liver is perfectly fine.

The reason I emphasized " in my case", is that this may not be the correct path for you, or others. For instance, your future profession (Nursing) may require you to have been prophylacticly treated. I am not a doctor, so my health care decisions are based on that which, at least at present, appears to be "my" best approach.

It certainly can be confusing! As I explored the "best option", I researched medical literature and of course, received medical advice — 2 Infection Disease doctors left it up to me, they didn't see urgency or a mandatory need to begin treatment. My Pulmonologist, as I mentioned, does not want me to begin any treatment for Latent TB. My Rheumatologist vehemently disagreed with the Pulmonologist. He believes I must do the treatment, because he will not be able to treat me with an immunosuppressant to counter a flare-up of any Autoimmune Diseases (I have symptoms of a few, but testing is negative). My Primary Care doctor left it up to me.

Yes, confusing and frustrating, to say the least! As I said, I am not a doctor, so my words are based on my experience and that of others I have read about. But I would encourage you to receive medical advice from specialized areas of Medicine. At a minimum, from Infectious Disease, Pulmonology, and Primary care. If you have any other ailments, I would request opinions/support from those specialty areas. In my case, it was Rheumatology; in yours it may be a specialist to address you anxiety and panic attacks.

If there is one thing I've learned along the way, is that we must be our own advocates. And very importantly, know that you are not alone dear Honey B.

Noticed I didn't use "Poor" Honey B? That's because you are not!

Hugs to you and your daughter … D.

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Thank you so very much

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