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Brachytherapy planning and execution

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Good question @kcinthetropics. It may be a question that can only be answered by your radiation team. Did they explain why 58 of the 80 seeds were used?

I'm tagging fellow members @wrehab @hamhock @kujhawk1978 @cameron1959 @bboxer @philn @flor @ronoir @donnelson to see if they have anything to share about planning for brachytherapy.

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KC, what other treatments have you or will you have?

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I have learned more about the planning process(es). One is pre-planned. One is do the planning on the day of the implanting. The third is sort of a real-time planning using imaging and maybe computer feedback–not sure about that. Based on my memory of that day I think maybe there was real-time planning and for that they might need 'x' number of seeds plus or minus based on imaging and actual seed implanting locations. So I am still learning and developing contacts.

I have ADT and the brachy. Now in planning stage for EBRT. My story is that I've had "executive check-ups" every two years or so for a couple of decades. Last year, at age 76, I had one and for some reason a PSA test was included. Came in 7.8. We had multiple situations going on and I didn't follow up with urologist. But, before some travel I had a second PSA (8.1) and then when in the States another (7.1). Upon return I did visit urologist, had biopsy. Then, not-funny comedy of errors, results were… not reported and when we did get them my doctor was in States for convention and the result was (5+4). I was no longer in the waiting mode and went to the capital city where I received the ADT and LD permanent brachytherapy. Now, proceeding with the EBRT more locally.

There has been another round of not-so-funny comedy of errors and we are waiting for a more complete report on the brachy so the EBRT planning can be completed. So, in one way, my question about brachy planning may get answered or may not be relevant except for my curiosity and need to be informed and to understand my treatment. Along the way I'm getting an unwanted education of sorts on mCi, Gy, Air Kerma Strength, 1-215 half-life and the conversion factor from 1microGym2/h to mCi. Probably becoming the Patient from Hell to terrorize the doctors. 🙂 But, feeling very positive, staying physically active and engaged with my projects and feeling thankful (almost guilty) about my situation compared to others I've seen and met at the cancer centers.

Appreciate your help.