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Taking son to mayo this month

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Good morning @ihatediabetes I hope all goes well for you during your visit this time! I bet you have seen lots of changes in the 24 years you have been going to Mayo for your son!

I would inquire immediately upon your visit about gaining access to the patient portal, especially since you have already provided them with copies of your guardianship papers. It should make the visit process proceed a bit smoother for you.

That must have been quite a time having to walk for six hours! My wife went through a whole lot of tests over the years at Mayo, but never that one! I agree it must have been tiring and I bet in six hours you saw a whole lot of Rochester!

Best of luck with all your appointments for your son and I hope the results you get are good ones!

Strength, courage, and peace.

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I can remember paper files that they dropped into chutes that moved the files between different departments. If there wasn't enough time they told you to carry the file. I remember getting a stack of cards for appointments. I remember watching my son's doctor dictate into his telephone. Now everything is different. It was also smaller before. There was no Gonda building. That was a huge change.

I am at Mayo Clinic ophthalmology with my son. We stayed at Kahler last night so we wouldn't be late. Its nice to be able to go to and from through the subway. I hope it goes ok. These appointments make me nervous.