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Osteoporosis Treatment - Running Scared

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I refused to take Prolia. and I can't take the biphosphonates because of my kidney disease. So I found a wellness coach at a local physical therapy company. She is amazing. I started out with twice a week and after 9 months convinced my endocrinologist to prescribe physical therapy once a week for resistance therapy. I have been doing that and once a week with my wellness coach. I am on medicare with a supplement and the physical therapy is paid for. My wellness coach costs me $30 a visit. After 1 1/2 years, I halted the bone loss in my spine which was -2.5. My hip which was -4.5 did not halt. So my physical therapist gave me 4 different exercises to do at home for 5 days a week. I take K2, Magnesium, and Centrum Silver along with other drugs for my other issues. I only take 1 Citracal tablet a day and sometimes not even that. I am the victim of being prescribed and taking too much calcium and now my cardiologist said I have a lot of calcification in my arteries. I also drastically reduced my saturated fat. I don't think the physical therapy will reverse bone loss but at least I have stopped it in one place. We are hoping the added exercises will help my hip.

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@suemer kudos for you exercise ,some weights for the bones ,watching sat fats .plus trans fats is good low amounts of calcium like your doneing I wish more where pro active like you are

Thanks for the reply. You have given me some encouragement. Have you ever broken any bones? Do you know why you have bone loss? I have a low BMI (thin) and some kind of inflammatory arthritis where I've had to take prednisone a few times, which possibly explains. However, no doctor can give me a certain answer. I'm 59 and I've eaten fairly healthy for some time but it didn't seem to help. I wasn't taking any supplements for a couple of years because I though I had taken too much calcium previously, too. Hard to find answers. Why won't you take Prolia?