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Banding Esophageal Varices

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The Transplant team is aware of the problems and concur with my local GI's treatment/banding. I have not had to be admitted because they have not bled, but my procedures are all done as an outpatient at the hospital in case of complications. The team at the hospital GI Lab are all my friends now! Not looking for any options as this is the best that can be done, just worried about the location of these recent ones as they were not existent 6-8 weeks ago and they are higher in the esophagus. I have follow-up appointments at Mayo in about 10 days and we'll see what's up then. Just curious if there were any others like me out there.

Because of the varices, they cannot start anti coagulation therapy to help break up the thrombosis in the superior mesenteric vein and main portal vein. Just another complication to the problems. Nobody ever said I was ordinary!?!

I appreciate the support here, just wish I could provide help to others. Maybe that is something I can do more of post-transplant, after our celebration trip to Alaska. Dates TBD

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amyintucson, You are absolutely correct about not being 'ordinary'! You are special!
I send you to Mayo with my thoughts and prayers.
Early in my liver disease diagnosis and treatment, I remember being told that we can have different symptoms with pour liver diseases. There is no 'one size fits all'. This is even true for those who have been diagnosed with the same disease.

As far as providing help to others - I believe that you are already doing that, because when anyone reads your posts, they can feel the power of your determination and your positive attitude.
A celebration by taking a trip to Alaska sounds like a worthy goal and something to look forward to. (Did you know that my husband, also proposed the idea of a trip to Alaska after my transplant? When I was fully recovered, we made that dream come true.) Hang in there because It will happen when you least expect it:-)

Would you send me an update after your appointment?

Keep me posted..Im shadowing..kind of.