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Undiagnosed for 3 years

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My problem comes and goes…I can go months with no problem then the symptoms will start. The Docs at Mayo Clinic call these episodes “spells”. When I have one of these "spells" I have nausea, discomfort on ride side under rib cage (not pain, just discomfort), weakness all over – especially in my legs – they feel rubbery/weak, I feel light headed/dizzy, and sometimes I have acid reflux and bloating. When these symptoms first started in 2013, my BP/Pulse rate would be very high during the episode. Even now when I’m having a spell my BP can be elevated, but I have medication now and have been told how to increase the BP medication if this happens. These spells have lasted for a few days – 4 months.

I had gall bladder surgery, and they checked my liver and pancreas – said everything looked good. I have had every test imaginable trying to determine what causes these episodes, and they can’t find a cause for my problem.

For me, it seems if I maintain a healthy weight, eat real food…stay away from processed food, minimize the sugar, gluten and dairy I can prevent the “spells”. When I first started having the problem I would reduce my food intake due to the nausea. Because I was eating less, and eating healthy I would lose weight and gradually the symptoms would go away. Throughout the last 5 ½ years I have noticed that if I start eating the wrong things and gain weight, I can have an episode.

About a week and half ago I started having the symptoms, but I “fell of the wagon” a while ago and was eating things I knew I shouldn’t, and gained weight. It had been over a year since I’d had a problem. I don’t know why I do this…after 5 ½ years of analyzing my situation I know better.

There is something called “Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver”. My symptoms are comparable to what I have read on this condition, but there is no test I’ve had that shows I have this. According to what I have read, healthy weight and eating is the answer to controlling this condition. I look forward to hearing from others who have experienced similar health issues.

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