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Desperately Trying to Get Diagnosed

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I'm also feeling unwanted by Mayo Rochester. Maybe they just aren't up for challenging cases where diagnosis is difficult? Maybe it hurts their success rate if they aren't sure they can help? I don't know but I've been suffering with symptoms from multiple specialties (including an auto-immune problem) for nearly 20 years. Thought I'd be an ideal case for them to want to treat and study. And I got summarily dismissed by email and told to "try to treat it locally." Well I've been trying to treat it locally for the majority of my life and it's not working. Really discouraging that they didn't even want to try.

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Hello @cdent411, Welcome to Connect. I'm sorry you are feeling unwanted by Mayo Rochester. I've always had an excellent experience with them for several different health conditions. Did they review your medical records when you tried to setup an appointment? I think if they review what other doctors have said and are unable to provide anything more to help you. I encourage you to call the Office of Patient Experience at Mayo Clinic.
Office of Patient Experience
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday

@cdent411, I understand your disappointment. The reality is that Mayo Clinic receives more requests for appointments than available openings. Thus other factors for requesting an appointment come into play. Appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need. Availability depends on the nature and urgency of the problem and Mayo Clinic's ability to help (as determined by a Mayo Clinic doctor). It is possible that reviewing your case, the physicians assessed that the care and treatments you are receiving is what they would recommend and didn't want you to incur additional costs for evaluation or travel. Additionally, while one Mayo Clinic location may be at capacity another may not. If location is not a factor for you, you could inquire about another Mayo location than the one you first contacted, i.e., at the Florida or Arizona campuses.

May I ask which conditions you are dealing with? I'd like to help you get connected with others here on Connect.

Don't despair. I was "unwanted" by Mayo Rochester when I tried to self-refer to internal medicine. Then, several years later, my local Rheumatologist wrote a brilliant letter, the one my PCP should have written but wouldn't or couldn't. Perhaps ask your Rheumatologist to write a letter?

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