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Untreated MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Aug 24, 2018 | Replies (85)

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@desperada I guess it is time to get another opinion or go to an academic center. Our group does have some good ideas for alternatives.

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Funny you should say that! After reading similar comments on these posts, I made the decision to get the best care possible. I am in Southern California. Because I'm all alone, I have no one to watch my two little dogs. SO…..I was thinking I'd pack them up and go to Scottsdale AZ, rent an apartment for about six months and get an appointment at the Mayo Clinic there.

I called new patient appointment desk. Guess what? They told me no new patients indefinitely in the Pulmonary Lab! They told me to go to Minnesota!

It seems like everything is against me. I have crummy care here. Can't get it at Mayo. Honestly – WTH?

@desperada University of San Diego I believe has a very good pulmonology dept. I know that their sister medical university in San Fran. is highly rated for pulmonology.

Call the one in Florida and Minnisota. See if you can get in there. You don't need a lengthy rental. Your appts will only take 1-3 days. Perhaps have a dog sitter service come to your home…..

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