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Pain management and anxiety disorders

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Aug 17, 2018 | Replies (4)

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Hi Lisa. I am brand new to this wonderful Mayo Connect group (this is my first post). After reading your post and the very thoughtful and informative reply you received from @19lin, I wanted to share that I also understand and share your concerns. Like you, I am under chronic pain management (10 years now) and I have anxiety and depression. These new laws make it difficult for us to continue taking our pain medications with benzodiazepines. I'm not sure if you see only one doctor who prescribes all of your medications or another doctor, as well. I see my psychiatrist who prescribes me my antidepressant and anxiety medication – and then my pain management doctor for my pain medications. All of my diagnoses are well documented and supported by images, a plethora of various tests, back surgeries, etc. I'm sure you have supporting documentation, too. In the event it may help you to have both a psychiatrist and a pain management doctor who prescribe your much needed medication, I thought I would toss this info out to you. I am a firm believer that we need to advocate for ourselves and reach out to our local politicians, regarding the challenges we face and our legitimate fears of having certain medications taken away from us. Hang in there and please know that you are not alone. Best wishes to you.

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Thanks so much for your response. I’m new here as well. Like just a couple of days. I will message u if ok

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