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@tammy64 As a retired nurse. You need to get him into a clinic if not Mayo there,s Cleveland clinic, John Hopkins but he needs to be seen by other Dr,s not just one till you fi nd out what is going on and he can get help for this.I wish you luck

What part of the country are you in?

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Thank you for your advice.. he is in AZ.. he has gone to primary docs, nutritionists, multiple GIs, naturopaths, neurologists, podiatrists, physical therapists, acupuncturists and masseuses with multiple blood tests, food sensitivity tests, coloscopies etc .. nothing comes up as a complete diagnosis .. it’s so discouraging

@tammy64 since you are in Az. Can you get to the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale? Sounds like he needs to see a rheumatologist ,as well as other specialists have him call Mayo Colleen Young can help you out as Gail stated but if all fails have him go to Emergency Room they will do test there and this way he can be admitted for a full evaluation.Something is causing him to have all these problems Hope all this helps let us know his outcome but dont wait.

@tammy64 I understand your discouragement. For years and years nobody could figure out what was happening to me. I finally went to Mayo in Rochester where they discovered what was going on. It took them ten days but they did figure it out and were able to treat me successfully.
They have discovered three different issues where nobody else could. Only place I go to now.
As others in this thread are suggesting I hope you can get to Mayo in AZ. This is where you need to really dig out your patience; all good things will happen in time. I know, I’ve been down that road for years. Wishing you all the best.

Thank you …
Does Mayo Clinic have an emergency room?

Yes, in MN it’s at either St. Mary’s Hospital or at Methodist hospital. In AZ you’d need to know which hospital is the Mayo affiliate and visit that hospitals ER.

@tammy 64 I cant answer that but you can contact Office of Patient Experience to find out Im tagging @gailb ,@Colleen Young for there help

Mayo Hospital in Phoenix has an ER.