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Red Tide and End Stage Liver Disease

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Still don't have the hang of how to start messages.
Here is my question. Does anyone have any guidelines for coping with symptoms of Red Tide bacteria Karenia brevis?
In FL we are in a state of emergency because of this. Sharks, dolphin and all marine life are washing up on our shores. They say this is a natural occurence but many suspect it is so severe due to the release of toxic water in Lake Occechobee. This causes respiratory irritation headaches, nausea, neurological problems. It is in the water but becomes airborne due to wave action. Causes range from cattle waste, sugar cane corp. toxic waste, golf couse toxins, fertilizers, pesticides etc. Even Disney has been blamed. As you might imagine it is a politically charged issue which greatly confuses the issue.
Be that as it may some have warned that this can be very harmful for those with liver disease to the point that it could cause immediate liver failure. I live 1/2 mile from what should be one of the countries most pristine beaches. They report it can travel 4 miles inland. I only go out of the house for necessary reasons. I also have asthma which adds to my discomfort. I have a headache that will not go away, nausea, itchy eyes, nausea and general malaise.
Going to my family Dr tomorrow. Is anyone familiar with this? Does anyone know of a resource to learn more about it concerning liver disease.
It is very sad…and I am concerned about the long term effects.
This may only be a FL issue.
On a side note…we have Erin Brochovich involved. You may remember the movie…

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I would definitely discuss your particular situation with your PCP tomorrow. If my mind serves me correctly, you are not currently an active transplant patient, is that correct? But you should be able to make a phone call and speak to someone at that Transplant center.

I found 2 recent articles relating to the current Florida outbreak.
This one mentions the irritation to people with asthma, and lung issues. "Toxic red tide blooms are creeping up Florida's west coast, killing marine life and irritating humans"
Aug 12, 2018, 4:17 AM ET
Here is another which includes this statement: "According to the Centers for Disease Control, coming in contact with the algae can cause nausea, vomiting and, in rare cases, acute liver failure"
It was posted JUl 30; updated JUl 31
"Florida red tide update: 15 people taken to ER after contact with algae; wildlife dead"
Jeanne, Would you let me know what you find out about the effect on the liver with ESLD?
What are some safety precautions that you can practice during this outbreak?

@ rosemarya
Yes I will for sure. I'm on the too early but good candidate list at Mayo. We are watching me…lol
The obvious recommendations are to stay away from water…beach, bay, canals are all affected. Recycle car A.C., change filters in the house frequently. Where respiratory masks, don't eat local fish. I've heard oxygen helps…find an oxygen bar…lol. Watch for infection etc.
I'm diving deep into this issue as I don't want to move and they say it could last until Spring.
Meanwhile….feet are improving with PT…bone spurs.
Sometimes it is hard to catch a break….Im trying my best but this is over the top. Prayers for liver patients in FL please.

@jeanne5009, It is good to hear that you are feeling benefits of the PT in your feet. Any improvement feels good!
Florida's Red Tide emergency was all over the news tonight. You can count on me for prayers.

What did you find out about the Red Tide's effect on your liver?