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@erin38 Yes, my MRIs were done laying down on my back. If you do have misalignment or rotation, that will show up on an MRI. They may not pay attention to it or may think it is because of a passing muscle spasm. Talk to the radiology person about making sure to look carefully at the upper cervical vertebrae for any misalignment. An X ray will also show alignment of bones, but not the bulging discs. X-rays often are done in different positions of flexion or extension to show if the vertebrae are slipping forward or back. For involved spine cases with deformity, they can do standing full spine X-rays and compare that to laying down and it may be very different. I hope that physical therapy will be enough to help you. You might look for a good PT now to see for an evaluation after you get imaging done.

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@jenniferhunter-Hi. Could you explain what a vestibular migraine feels like? And with a disc rotation how/who exactly can figure that out?
I have been given multiple theories and “diagnosis’s”.
1. Cervicogenic headache. 2. migraine type headache. Then told it’s my brain chemicals setting off the headache and I need to balance out my pain sensory chemicals like seratonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. I’ve been told the anger about the pain is causing the headaches. The medical community has only caused more confusion while trying to figure this out. Any insight on what exactly these headaches feel like, duration, ways to alleviate. Thank you.