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tessfair1 (@tessfair1)

Anti-hormone therapy and PALLAS trial

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Aug 14, 2018 | Replies (5)

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Hello @tessfair1, and thank you for making your first post such a thought out question about breast cancer. If you don't mind, I'd like to invite a few members that have discussed some of the things that you mentioned in your post. @casualobserver discussed having a bilateral mastectomy as well. @diane12 mentioned being Grade 2-ER & Pro+-HER negative which I think is similar to what you mentioned as well (although I am not familiar with breast cancer diagnoses so I apologize if this assumption is incorrect on my part). I would like to also invite @suki, @elizm, @dthayer, and @gramamom who have all discussed being on anastrozole (AI) and may they may be able to provide some insight on what being on the drug is like. I'd also like to invite @cindylb who was unable to take aromatase inhibitors.

@tessfair1, if you don't mind, would you share a bit more about the trials you talked about above?

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It's kind of you, Justin, to invite me to comment, but I was stage 1 and HER2+++… a whole different kettle of fish (and FSH) from tessfair1.

Thank you @elizm, I apologize for the difference in diagnoses, I am not familiar with breast cancer specifics, but thank you for sharing anyways.

A couple of questions, Justin. You write that you don't know the specifics of breast cancers, but would like several of us who have been on the drug Anastrozole to comment on what that was like. I described that I had a bad pulmonary reaction to it. My questions
for you are: What are you interests in Anastrozole? Are you part of a study or research team? Are you in the medical profession?

Hi @suki, I'm going to jump in for Justin here. Justin is one of the moderators of Connect. Read more about the moderating team here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/about-connect/tab/moderators/
A moderator always provides weekend coverage and last weekend was Justin's weekend when @tessfair1, a new member, posted her questions. As per our moderating practices, Justin made sure the new member was welcomed and tagged a few group members to ensure she was welcomed by others who have first-hand experience with breast cancer. The moderators are neither researchers nor medical professionals, but we are professional CONNECTors, helping to bring people together to share their patient experiences, provide support and make the journey easier for others.
Please let me know if you have any other questions about the community and how it is managed. You can post here, send me a private message or use this form: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/contact-a-community-moderator/