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Thanks for asking John. I have metal in my face and hip and since a wreck in 2009, I've had issues, but return visits to Orthopedic docs have yielded no help with the pain and joint weakness. My immune system has gone rogue and many issues addressed separately, but in August, I demanded a test after my multiple skin rashes that come on suddenly and also contort my face with swelling. Haven't had to use the epipen yet, but I feel that will be the next phase.

I had a patch test that resulted in Cobalt reaction. I got medical records from maxillofacial and ortho surgeon, but neither of them state what the metal was, but assume titanium. After gaining the patch test results, I have been researching metal poisoning and I have several of the symptoms. Gastric disturbances – hospitalized last year for this, thyroid – my hair fell out, sleep disturbances – had sleep study and no apnea noted, neurological tingling/burning in my extremities (tests done by neurologist said I have complex regional pain syndrome), memory issues (tested for alzheimers), hearing loss.

My PCP has referred me to Mayo because I am too complicated. I believe all these symptoms would go away or reduce when I can get this metal out of my body.

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I had open brain surgery for an AVL and they put two titanium clips in. Since then, I had problems with the digestive tract, pain in the cervical spine, headaches, chronic pain. All the tests they did came back positive. Now my pain management doctor thinks it might be my own immune system, that is attacking my body. Has anybody had experience with that?

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