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Seeking help, information, support...

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You did mention falling, and you might want to consider a physical therapy evaluation to see if anything is out of place in your body that might be contributing to your pain. Does your doctor think that your medications could have any side effects contributing to your symptoms? From my own personal experience, the best way for me to confront fear was to embrace it and learn why I was afraid. You are doing the right things to be thorough in your quest. We can't control what we don't understand, and education goes a long way toward calming fear of the unknown. Understand that it's a journey, and even baby steps are progress toward your goal. Keeping a journal would help your doctors understand how your symptoms change over time and if they are related to any of your activities. As humans, we are wired so that stressful things get our attention first, and just realizing this can help you let go of it. Fear also increases pain. Mayo has 2 great books (which I bought for myself) by Dr. Soot that might help, and I found them fascinating. The "Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress Free Living", and the "Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness." I had worked out my own personal routines to confront my own fears, and reading these books explained why that worked for me. I was a surgical patient and I learned how to calmly accept what I needed to do to help my doctors help me. I hope this helps you in your journey.

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Hello @jenniferhunter, I would like to Welcome you to Connect and thank you for sharing what works for you. This is what is great about Connect. I also found Dr. Amit Sood's website really helpful. He has a lot of helpful videos that explain how our brain deals with emotions and stress.




Thank you for taking the time to reply. I don't think any of my meds are causing the symptoms. At the time the sensations started I was taking 50mg of atenolol twice a day and 4,000 units of Vitamin D. I've gone back on Prozac since then to help with the worry/anxiety.

You mentioned that education goes a long way toward calming fear of the unknown. As I've mentioned previously, I did a lot of reading online about neuropathy and diabetes to my detriment. I had a fasting blood glucose AND A1c tests done. However, I then read online that those two tests can be normal and that an oral glucose tolerance test could, in fact, show a person has pre-diabetes or diabetes. I expressed my concerns to the neuro about it and, at this time, he does not see enough information to be concerned about diabetes. This was an example of how I went overboard with this whole thing resulting in more anxiety.

When the sensations come I feel the anxiety build and try to keep it at bay. I have no interest in going back to the way things were. Thank you for mentioning the books as well.

Thanks for your reply. You're right not to diagnose yourself from information on the internet and it's easy to assume the worse and escalate something into fear. I've done that before too. Education guided by your doctors is what I advocate for. I do have an advantage with that in that I have a biology degree and I can understand medical literature and studies that I've read. I started with looking up things that were on my medical reports. I have had a few circumstances where doctors missed my correct diagnosis, and I was able to figure things out long before they did, but I went for other opinions until a doctor got it right. Giving the doctor the right information and correct symptoms sure helps along with asking the right questions. That being said, make sure questions are questions about your symptoms. You can say you suspect you have whatever, but that is your doctor's job to make the diagnosis. I have also gained knowledge working in a research lab for a neuro-anatomist and through my own experience both as a patient and in my college lab experiences.

Thanks, John. I didn't know about Dr. Soot's website. I like the short informative videos that make you re-think your approach.

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