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Neuropathy | Last Active: Aug 16, 2018 | Replies (30)

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@sinjin – regarding your electrical/burning sensations. I am wondering if these are not the same as what some call the "zappers" or "whooshes". Mine began at about the time of the SFN diagnosis and usually started between 4 and 5 a.m. My neurologist increased the nighttime gabapentin and eliminated the morning dosage. Now I just have the burning in my abdomen and torso upon awakening with no "zappers". I also received what turned out to be great advice from my yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher. Notice, be aware, observe and welcome the sensation even if somewhat painful. Do not fight it. Don't even move. Just let the sensation wash over or within your body. It will do its thing and then it will dissipate and go away much more quickly. She was right. I am no longer frightened or dismayed by the burning. I just say, "good morning pain" or "welcome burn" and wait patiently for it to disappear. It leaves pretty quickly and I seldom, if ever, have any more episodes during the day.

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Hello @artscaping . Consider yourself a very lucky guy, I wish I can meditate and make this hell go away. If I do so, I feel more aware of the pain I’m in, what works for me is distraction, I sip through water every 2 seconds to forget, it’s awful.

@marinelastef – and all those who find meditation difficult to accomplish and therefore miss the benefit of the practice. My first attempt at meditation left me uncomfortable and I bailed….just walked out. A wonderful person followed me and helped me understand. To meditate, all you really need to do is focus on one item so well that random thoughts stay away. You might choose to focus on a fan in motion, or, as I do, focus on the area above my upper lip. First I notice and become aware of the cool air entering my nostrils and then I feel the warm air exiting my nostrils. Sometimes my mind wanders away, everyone's does. So I pull it back and begin again. Sometimes I count the breathing cycles to help prevent the wandering mind. Meditation sets the stage for mindfulness and gives us the ability to be present in the moment. Please try again. There are many apps online. I chose "Calm". The daily calm begins with meditation and ends with a message. Today it was "vulnerability." There are also Master Classes with multiple chapters in a series on timely issues. I think you can try it free at calm.com. This app received the Apple Award in 2017 for being the best meditation app. Let me know what works. And just an FYI…I am a female. Christie has been shortened to Chris over the years.