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Palpitations triggered by cocaine

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Hi @daxrrr. Glad to see you come aboard. I have been treated for several years for atrial fibrillation and irregular heart beats; perhaps my experience can be of some help to you in comprehending your palpitations. Like you, I got anxious when I got my diagnosis four years ago, but that soon went away and my only reminder has been on the EKG performed with my annual physical examination.

Which makes a point for me: Would you consider taking up your problem with your primary care doctor in the context of a regular annual physical? As a general rule, these preventive exams are covered by health insurance with little or no copayment required. Moreover, the customary set of routine rests might disclose the "something else" that you suspect. I have done some research in this area recently and found that heart palpitations usually resolve themselves within a few days or weeks. Also palpitations can be caused by stimulants, Vitamin D deficiency, unbalanced electrolytes (especially magnesium or calcium), dehydration, and lack of exercise (in addition to drugs and anxiety).

Have your doctors said why the palpitations are so obvious to you? Having suggested anxiety, did they mention it might cause surging adrenalin that would promote palpitations? Did they mention anything about common medications that might help?.

Before you see the doctor, would you consider studying the problem by Googling "how to stop heart palpitations due to anxiety" and scrolling down to "People also ask" and checking each of the questions that follows — and all the questions that open up as you go down the list? If I can help with any of this, just say so and I'll get right on it. Martin

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You said they usually resolve within a few weeks but a month is passed from that bad episode and I still have them. I will do more exams with the cardiologist, but I have the feeling they will never find what the damage is, so I will be considered a paranoid and have to live with these palpitations for the rest of my life.

I understand your disappointment that the palpitations are hanging on, and it's possible that they are going to be with you longer — maybe because of some problem in your system other than your heart. I won't try to guess at that. Only a doctor with access to the best laboratory and physical exams can home-in on the cause. The estimate of "usually within a few weeks" is sometimes longer than a month, perhaps several more weeks.

In the list of possible causes I provided, I forgot to mention a deficiency in your potassium as a possibility, along with calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D. But I hope you won't try to track down the specific cause by yourself. I also hope that you can reach beyond the tight focus of a cardiologist and get examined comprehensively by a GP Internist.

Mostly, I hope you will get the encouragement you need so that nobody will treat you as paranoid and you will become more optimistic about your future. You are a young man, and your problem — which is bothersome, worrying, and inconvenient — will interfere with your activities for a while, but you'll come through it — especially if you develop a partnership with a strong and devoted medical team. Could you check out the information I suggested you Google up and let me know whether you can see a path with that information to help you? Martin