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Walked this path just this past December. Stereotactic failed to get the calcifications seen on Mammogram. ADH found incidentally in the ‘missed’ biopsies. Had savi scout and lumpectomy Jan 3rd. Calcifications benign but more ADH AND ADL.
diffuse enough to put my risk of development into cancer at 49%. I too am negative for BRCA. Have only a paternal aunt who died at 32.
I’ve elected to have prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, including nipple removal. Above pectoral round implants. (I’m v athletic – need my muscles more than my breasts). With Aloderm (cadaver donated skin complex to buffer between my skin and the implant. I’m thin – no fat layer to either graft from, or cushion the implant). Non textured (aka smooth) implants as I don’t wish to take on the possible additional risk of contracting lymphoma (seemingly associated with textured implants). I would’ve preferred teardrop shaped implants(I think) but they’d have to have been textured in order to stay in place. And (see above on textured) Surgery set for March.

Lots of researching. Interviewing multiple surgeons. Introspection.
It’s the right choice for me.
And rest assured you’ll find the right one for u too.
There are a number of FB closed groups that offer terrific support too. Lmk if you’d care fir the names.
Hugs. Keep breathing.

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@doyoga, thank you for sharing. When I asked the medical oncologist the percentage of women who choose to have a prophylatic mastectomy, she looked at me like I had lost my mind. I find information empowering and thought it was a legitimate question in light of the fact that continual monitoring and biopsies seem to be part of my future, particularly with my family history (sister, material aunt, maternal first cousin).

I don't know yet what types of decisions I will make…a lot depends on this next pathology.

Best of luck to you on your upcoming surgery, doyoga..thinking of you!

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