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my 87 year old father with copd

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hi I need some help and support is there I group I could talk to or someone to call. my father 87 years old his copd is advanced he does not need oxygen his is around 92 to 97. he eats well. he will be going to pulmonary rehab soon. I know my father is old but can he still live long with copd advanced. im trying my best to give him a good life. he is all I have. he still has the will to live I asked him. any more I can do for him. any help I appreciate thankyou susan

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@hiltzy, I combined your discussions back to your original discussion so that we could have the conversation taking place in one spot. I would also like to invite @windwalker, @cindylb and @aldrichgirl to this discussion to share their insights and experiences with COPD.

hiltzy – My husband has COPD. His is moderate at this point and he uses oxygen at night and sometimes during naps. He gets tired more easily but he also has other health issues (cancer and some heart issue we're working through just now). I even found the pulmonary rehab helpful and interesting and I don't have lung issues. I will be checking out the Paced Breathing that llwortman (above) has recommended. My husband wasn't initially on oxygen but about 1 year after his diagnosis it was added to help with his fatigue. I'm surprised your Dad doesn't have supplemental O2…..wonder if that might help him? Pacing your activities seems to help my husband. He moves around a bit slower but then he can move around more. Good luck and hugs………

would you please private message the text to me. i would appricate it very much thank you FRANCKO

Hi @francko, Harry, you'll notice that I removed your personal email address from your message above. We recommend sharing personal contact information through private messaging rather than on the public forum to protect your privacy and keep you from getting unwanted spam, etc.

Can you tell me what text you wanted? Was it regarding one of the resources that @llwortman suggested?

Linda, do you have a link for the Paced Breathing recommendation?

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