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Possible vascular Dementia

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@lilacs1978 Hello Jenessa

I would like to join Colleen @colleenyoung in applauding you for all of your efforts to track your symptoms and problems. You are doing a great job keeping track of what is happening to you. Being prepared in this way gives your medical team a lot of information to work with and helps them to do their job better.

As Colleen asked, I would also be interested in knowing what type of stroke rehab you had. Was there some physical, occupational and cognitive therapy? These are all important in stroke recovery. What about your speech – any slurred speech, difficulty with word-finding, etc.?

I can appreciate your comment that this is "a hard pill to swallow at 40" but I am glad that you added that you have a great support system – how important!

I look forward to hearing from you again, Jenessa. I appreciate your efforts to be conscientious and diligent to care for yourself.


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I’m sorry I didnt Address this in my haccount beginning. I had no rehab after….only because I only has weakness on my left side and over time my speech was all right. They attribute that to my age at the time (38) however all this newness has started in the last 5 weeks causing me deep concern ~ I want The best life I can…