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night time muscle cramps

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Hi Eve, I have early lag cramp as my morning calls! I know one thing that will bring on the cramp is if my blanket is stretched too tight on my feet! I always loosen the top sheet and the blanket so they don't touch my feet! Also, I massage my legs and feet in bed before I fall asleep! Sometimes, I suffer from pinched nerve on top of my right foot, like an electric shock that kept me up all night. It usually lasted 24 hours, but during the day I can function without interruption! My primary doctor doesn't know the causes and didn't offer any remedies! I also drink powder Turmeric tea with a touch of black pepper.

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pinched nerve on top of my right foot, like an electric shock…….That sounds like my neuromas, so painful that if I did not have cruise control -I could not drive myself to a dr. Podiatrist injected me w something right into where the pain is on top of foot. Then pain is gone. If I got them more frequently then would have gotten surgery to take them out.

Thanks ew100, I know that I have peripheral neuropathy and restless legs. I am lucky if I get 4 hrs sleep and that is not straight.

Thanks again mari, I see my neurologist 7/11, I know I can't go to sleep if my feet & legs are cold. I cramps come after I have been asleep for a little while. I am lucky if I get 4 hrs sleep a night and that is usually not straight.

@mari I've had pinched nerves in upper thighs from my back fracture what helps me is a cream called Topricin it's used for fibro also I found it at CVS it wasn't in with other creams I think I found it in foot area good luck.

Hi @mari: Thanks for give it a name"neuromas", I feel better already! After reading "neuromas" on the internet, I'm not sure I have neuromas! My electric shock sensation is more on the top middle part of my right foot and not near the toes! Anyway, I'll remember the name and mention it to my primary doctor on my next annual wellness visit in May 2019!
Our bodies just have too many parts, more than a car, that can cause problems! I thought my old age worry is just about wrinkles!

@ew100 I had a neuroma between my 2-3 toe the foot Dr.is who took care of me they injected it told me to get a ball gel you where On your foot for a couple of days and it would be o.k. Haven't had trouble with it since.Dr.gave me a print out it's the nerve looks like it is bulged and pinched by , both sides of the bones causes it to hurt mostly on the bottom of foot in that area more so then on top.From your explanation it ,doesn't sound like a neuroma.But I'd suggest a Podiatrist if your PCP isn't sure if course if you don't see him for a whole year I'd suggest make an appointment with a foot Dr.Just my thoughts .good luck

Hello, had a neuroma that was so painful, all the way up the leg, surgeon called it morton's neuroma (on foot) removed it, 20 years ago, no trouble since then, I did not go to podiatrist, went to orthopedist that specialized in foot problems.

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