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hosta, Eve (@hosta)

night time muscle cramps

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@eve welcome to this wonderful group I can suggest an old remedy Pickle juice or have some mustard for its the vinegar that will relieve the cramps .Do you take Magnesium?This is not only good for cramps but for the body Our bodies loves minerals of all kind ,calcium,mag.and potassium For me I do this faithfully in a good Vitamin-Mineral. Take an Epsom salts soak in bathtub,or just with a washcloth .Hope this helps some See a Dr for more information. Right now you can make a vinegar-water dilution in sink ,wring out a washcloth and hold it On legs till it starts to get cool then do same on other leg hopefully this will start to give you some relief this helps me with let cramps Blessings to you

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Lioness, That you for your information, I will see m Neurologist 7/11. I know that I have peripheral neuropathy. I don't know if that causes it or not. Also, I have a very bad back and there is nothing they can do. I don't know if that is a cause. I also have restless legs. So I have several things that might contribute.

@hosts you sound like me as my fracture in back is causing my nerve pain in my thighs. As I said to sustain from leg cramps make sure you take Magnesium,potassium and calcium Vi t D3 but for a sudden attack of cramps pickle juice for it instantly gets rid of cramp Let us know how your doing.

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