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Edema causing pain standing and walking...help

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Just an update on my pain in the heels….or neck lol
Xrays indicate that I have small stress fractures and bone spurs in both heels. Ugh!! So the edema compounds this and I will be losing some weight and visiting a podiatrist in the near future….
I have been closed out with my insurance with Optum for now since I am to early to list at Mayo. Some decomposition is present but meld is only 7. So I go back to Tampa General for care until which time I am ready to list. At that time I will choose which center I feel suits my needs. Tampa General has told me that I can only be listed with one center. I have to verify that because I am under the impression that I can list with more than one. Anyone out there have info on this??
So… I'm patiently waiting and while I am…. I will continue to support all of you as you proceed towards the receipt of a wonderful new liver.
This group is unbelievably helpful. It is a source of knowledge and support for all of us… thank you.

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So sorry to hear about the stress fractures @jeanne5009! What a pain (literally) on top of everything else you're dealing with. That's odd that Tampa General said you can only be listed with one transplant center. Here's a resource from UNOS that hopefully clears up any confusion regarding being dual listed: https://unos.org/wp-content/uploads/unos/Multiple_Listing.pdf

Thanks for the update, @jeanne5009. I'm glad that you have some answers to the pain and worsening edema. My understanding is that you can be listed at multiple centers. @bobbutler asked a similar question a while back on Connect:

– How do I get on multiple transplant lists for a liver? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/i-have-been-added-to-the-transplant-list-for-a-liver-at/


Thanks…Im going to follow up this week.