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Oy vey. At least this is not a post about how to cure Autism. I was going into panic mode, or about to. My heart goes out to the child who doesn't speak until he is twelve years old, or the one who still doesn't speak at all, and is in their twenties. But that is because we are only just now learning what Autism actually is. In the nineties we knew next to nothing. There were theories and programs in abundance, but the truth was, we were all flying by the seat of our pants. Some good did come out of the nineties, but good news doesn't always travel fast. School systems are slow to comply with IEP requirements. Football fields are way more important than helping a child learn to read, or do math, or interact with his peers. After all, there is only so much money to go around. This is sarcastic Mama speaking. I am a bit confused as to what this difficulty is all about. I will try to do some research tomorrow and get back on here. Gooday, Mate! Mamacitalucita

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it started by a mother with an autistic friend promoting wanting to cure her son and was all asked our opinion .i said no way our brains are laid down at the end of the 12th week of a babies development and end of zygote stage .the physiology and the biochemistry and the neural electrical pathways are set here for life .The hyper connectivity in current research in Cambridge uni and has links to ASD in that this hyper connectivity of synapses and neurons and this is a source of synesthesia and meltdowns in ASD . i ALSO ARGUED THAT THE HYPERCAMPUS AND AMYGDALLA IS THE SOURCE OF DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY and is severely impacted by epinephrine or adrenal gland hormone which increases anxieties and depression. i support Eric Courschene on the basis of his genetic and brain research as a prof of autism and neuro autistic biology not on the basis of the other mob of which i don't abide with but his autistic medical research work

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