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@colleenyoung I have just opted to telling the truth about my identity and my experiences. But, unfortunately, this isn't always met with the best responses. I've encountered individuals who have had more negative responses than I, and they seem to distrust the medical space more and more as a result. What has come of that has been alternative spaces for healing, or institutions that are reputably more understanding to the needs to LGBTQI+ people like Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in New York for an example, which tailors its services to LGBTQI+ people.

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Hello @ayeshasharma I am saddened to read of the challenges you face in your healthcare. It seems to me healthcare should be a non-judgmental environment, but at least here in our area it is getting more of just what you are facing. I am glad you have found some solid alternatives.

Just this past week a long time friend of mine was recounting how often he has encountered prejudice and thinly veiled animosity due to his sexual orientation, especially in his own healthcare journey. Personally, in our smaller community, I have encountered our local hospital passing judgement based on sexual orientation increasing and being based on their historic religious founding — and it is the only offering in our immediate area. Likewise our daughter has, more than once, been refused to have her birth control Rx filled by some pharmacists who feel it is 'wrong' of her to need this since she is unmarried.

I am an old fellow and having come of age in the '60s I had such hope that our society would become more tolerant than we were at that time, but sadly we seem to be moving in just the opposite in so many areas.

I am hoping for the best for you!