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Hi @gibbie53 thanks for creating this space. It's really important, with LGBT people constantly being overlooked in healthcare contexts. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about feeling like we have to define our relationships in order to feel supported. It's frustrating that the places we are meant to go to heal tend to be judgmental about our identities and personal lives. Personally, I'm queer and gender non-conforming, so I am constantly dealing with this when in healthcare spaces. I haven't gone to any healthcare appointments with my partner as yet, but I am not looking forward to the responses we might receive. It isn't ideal to be this pessimistic 🙁 But after so many negative experiences and members of our LGBT community sharing those types of experiences, I think it's genuinely realistic rather than pessimistic. That's me, anyway. I'd love to hear about your thoughts/experiences as well.

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@ayeshasharma I have had many work years experience dealing many types of people. All races, genders (or non), socioeconomic representations, ages, belief systems, mental/physical/emotional levels. It has always baffled me how people get disrespectedjust because they follow something that is unfamiliar to another. My mother was very closed-minded. She showed me by example how i didn't want to be. My heart.absolutely aches to see mistreatment.

@ayeshasharma, I imagine that it must be particularly difficult when getting looks and feeling the judgment, but no one actually saying anything. I find such attitudes come from a place of ignorance and people being uncomfortable with something they don't understand. How do you deal with what isn't said? What ways have you found to be constructive and instructive when dealing with healthcare providers who are or appear to be judgmental?