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Second opinion?

Lung Cancer | Last Active: Jul 4, 2018 | Replies (6)

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Hello and welcome- We all have felt this way. I am still so angry at myself and I quit just before my first cancer 21 years ago this October. Hang there. What options have been givin to you?

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Thanks for your reply! Support and sharing your story is needed as much as proper diagnosis and proper treatment of any disease.
With voices talking about lung cancer we can help sooth the pain and anger associated with unfair blame and stigma!
I referred a woman to my amazing lung cancer team. She was from a foreign country that told her when, where and what to do in her country for lung cancer!
Doctors at Mayo discovered her lung cancer was from mutated genes, but it took two weeks to properly diagnosis her lung cancer.
The proper treatment would have given a chance for a Quality of Life!
Out of pressure and fear she returned to her foreign country and started radiation and chemo, that was not a proper treatment plan for her lung cancer. She suffered greatly and died in three months.
Our entire world needs an education about proper diagnosis and proper treatment
for lung cancer. I have a long list of women, men and even children who have a good quality of life because of proper treatments for their lung cancer! Be a voice!